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In 1737 ( Genbun 2nd ) of Edo period, ruled by the 8th Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa, Yagicho Honten was founded by an Ise merchant in Tokyo Nihonbashi. As a wholesaler, we supply many kinds of materials for soup stocks which are the base of Japanese cuisine, including the highest class Rausu kelp etc., to the historic Japanese cuisine restaurant in Tokyo.
 Our store is located near the Nihonbashi Bridge, and reopened in September 2017, designed by Mr. Tsukasa Nagasaka of Schema architectural plan, who is a global architect.
 In the center of our store, there is a large open table which is made of copper, and you can try some of our products.
 We have not only  "Dashsi" materials (dried bonito · dried shiitake · kombu kelp · dried sardines) but also beans, noodles, seasonings and more. Our products are highly selected in cooperation with local producers, and can be used at both the restaurants and home. We also disseminate the Dried bonito and Dashi to the world, for examle, we introduced "Katsuo Senbei", bonito crackers, at the exhibition of the Expo Cabinet Secretariat of Milan, and we organized a pop-up event on the theme of "Dashi and Japanese cuisine" in the United States.  

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In October 2018, we will start cooking lessons on the 4th floor of the store building, using top-quality Japanese ingredients. You can learn not only simple Japanese dishes such as miso soup and simmered dishes, but also the cooking method of Japanese cuisine and full-fledged arranging dishes that can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Through our class, we hope that everyone becomes happy. Teachers are our representative Mamiko Nishiyama, Yumiko ( the group of Japanese confectionary "Wagashi" ), a California style chef using Japanese food materials, and more. 

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