Tai and Yuzu Goma Salad, Salad with Sea Bream and Aromatic Citron and Sesame Seeds

Make fresh salad with raw sea bream or the white fish meat and your favorite vegetable. This Japanese-style salad has yuzu citrus aroma. It goes well with bread as well as rice. It is wonderful with wine or beer.

Shred the carrot, cucumber and shiso leaves. Toss them with the radish sprouts. Arrange green-leaf lettuce and tossed vegetables onto the plate. Top with the sashimi.
Mix dashi and all dressing ingredients together. Just before serving, pour the dressing over the salad and toss. Use Yuzu Goma as much as you like.

slices sashimi, fresh raw sea bream or other white fish meat 10
lettuce or green-leaf lettuce 1 head
cucumber, shredded 1
carrot, shredded 1/2
radish sprouts, chopped 1bunch
shiso leaves, shredded 1bunch
dashi broth 1/2 cup
olive oil 2 Tbsp
yuzu aromatic citron or lemon, squeezed for juice 1
Yuzu Goma aromatic citron and sesame seeds 2-3 Tbsp or more
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