Tai Chazuke, Rice Dashi Soup with Sea Bream

Sashimi, fresh raw sea bream or other white fish meat is used.

To make marinade, mix the soy sauce and ground sesame seeds.
Soak the sashimi in the marinade. Arrange the rice in a bowl right after it is finished, then top with the marinated sashimi. Pour heated dashi over the sashimi and rice. Serve with wasabi Japanese horse radish or yuzu kosho Japanese citrus-chili paste.
Sprinkle small pieces of nori seaweed on top.

slices of sashimi, sea bream or other white fish meat 3
cooked rice 1/2 bowl
dashi 1 cup
Soy sauce
Sesame seeds, gold or white, ground
Wasabi, Japanese horse radish (optional)
Yuzu kosho Japanese citrus-chili paste (optional)
Nori dried seaweed (optional)
Recipes that use your soup Yagicho is recommended