Handa Somen Fine Noodles

Handa somen dried fine noodles are produced by farmers only during the slack season on the farm and the coldest period in winter at Handa-cho, Tokushima Prefecture in the Province of Shikoku. Handa-cho is located in a mountainous district. Handa somen fine noodles have strong koshi elasticity, for the clear stream of Yoshino-gawa River and the cold weather in winter give the good circumstance to make the somen noodles.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Put the somen noodles in the boiling water. Heat for about 3minutes.
Turn off the heat when the noodles are still a little firm. Drain and rinse them with cold water. Cool them in ice.
Serve with tsuyu noodle sauce and your favorite Goma sesame seeds.

Handa Somen dried fine noodles 2 bunches
Wandashi or 2 cups Kanto-style mentsuyu noodle sauce 2 cups
Yuzu goma aromatic citron and sesame seeds (optional)
Wasabi goma Japanese horse radish and sesame seeds (optional)
Ume goma pickled umeboshi plum and sesame seeds (optional)
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